Dear friends,

We would like to introduce Heritage Jewellers retailing Gold, Diamond and kundan jewellery. We pride in being known for three things Design, Quality and Price. We are in the process of opening Heritage stores all over North India. Agra is our first franchisee store with many more in the process.

Economic independence specially in Gold means security for the present and for the future of your children.
Your life should not be just okay. It should be sparkling, Happy, Contented and Complete. Money is not everything in life but it sure takes care of a lot of things.

All you have to do is invest Rs.2500 per month and introduce 5 friends. The beauty of it is that they get an equal opportunity to earn huge income per month.

The book "rich dad poor dad" only teaches one thing. Most people spend their life working for money. The few smart ones make money work for them. Here is your chance to do just that.

We invite you to visit our showroom or website and be a part of the happy Heritage family.


Rohit Jain.